Music is a part of your life that deeply connects. Music links us to our culture; it reminds us of the past, helps us to enjoy the present and even to dream of the future. We use music to bring opportunities and benefits to people of all ages; and hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, residential care homes and schools can find the benefits.


WHat is music therapy?

Find out about how music and care are art forms that compliment each other.

What are the benefits?

Find out how music therapy can help a wide variety of people and conditions.

Meta Killick and Alistair Clarkson’s capabilities as music therapists are beyond doubt.
— Patrick Hopkinson, Head of Adult Safeguarding

Take some time out of your week to relax with live music, streamed every week. Have a listen to last week's now and make sure to tune in live next week.

You can simply listen to the music, or try out a simple meditative activity. Something we frequently recommend is colouring mandala patterns. You can print one off here, and we'll change the pattern to print each week.