Harp Therapy

Harp Therapy is typically offered in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes or homes at the person’s bedside. There is also a role for Harp Therapy in carer and family support. Sessions can and do include those significant to the individual. Harp Therapy has a significant role to play in attending the dying and this is a service Meta, qualified Harp Therapist. is always privileged to offer.

The role of a therapeutic musician is to use the receptive aspects of music with patients. This includes the rhythms and tones that are meaningful to the person and also the music that might be familiar to the patient.

The areas that Harp Therapy can address include:

  • Offering comfort and reassurance

  • Pain management

  • Support for carers

Harp Therapy will benefit many people, particularly those in critical care, with pain management issues and those receiving end of life care. If you know someone at your home, in hospital or hospice and you would like to see if Harp Therapy would be suitable for them please contact the Living with Harmony Team. Harp Therapy is a part of the service offered by Living with Harmony music therapists when needed or requested.


The difference Harp Therapy makes......

"The Staff working with H at St Helier Hospital have been overwhelmed with the impact the Harp Therapy is having on their ward. Not only has it been beneficial to H but it has had a big effect on the whole staff team and other patients."

Daniel Turner
Community Nurse

"My experience and learning through harp therapy has been enhanced by Meta Killick's teaching. She has taught me that music is vital in improving a patient’s care experience.

"I have referred a few palliative patients to Meta for Harp Therapy. She has worked with them whilst they have been in hospital and followed their journey to home and vice versa.

"A ward sister recently fed back that it gave the patient who had no verbal communication a new identity on the ward and encouraged other patients to interact with the patient; which resulted in improving their experience in hospital.

"I believe the work Meta has carried out has really enriched those who have benefited from it in their last few months/weeks. I will continue to promote Harp Therapy."

Shevon Dalena
Community Nurse

Example Music

Tranquility is a free flowing piece of music inspired by the element of water and is interpreted and performed by Meta Killick in this recording. Soothing sounds from the harp can bring comfort and relaxation.

The bright and dance-like rhythm of this folk song invites the listener's attention. Form and structure in music bring alertness and motivation.