Music Therapy for Teenagers

Teenage years are a time of growth and change, which can be challenging but also offers real opportunities for development and learning. Music is a medium that teens tend to gravitate to naturally, so it can be very effective. Music therapy provides a unique way to work with teens that draws on the many healing aspects of music.

How can Music Therapy benefit Teens?

Music is a creative art form that allow emotions to be expressed and shared. In music therapy teens can gain self-understanding and learn better ways to cope with their lives.

  • Music therapy uses music and songs as therapeutic tools to help teens heal by encouraging self-expression and self-awareness
  • Living with Harmony music therapists are trained to help a teen deal with troubling problems or behaviours through the use of music

Music is used in various ways. Improvisation when teens may want to compose their own songs; listening to the lyrics of specific songs or talking about how certain music changes the way they feel. Some teens find dance and movement freeing and pleasurable.

  • Teens often discover that the words in popular songs express their own feelings and experiences that they cannot express themselves
  • Teens tend to gravitate to music that describes what they are feeling and what is important to them

Music Therapy and songs for the Troubled Teen

  • Singing along with the lyrics of a song can provide a healthy release of painful or difficult emotions
  • Soothing music can help an anxious teen relax
  • Discussing the violent lyrics of a song can help an angry teen express their rage

Music Therapy and Moods

  • Connecting with the mood of a teen builds a rapport with the therapist
  • Co-creating active music can help a depressed teen to improve their energy
  • Composing new words to a song can help reflect on difficult feelings
  • Creating music with others gives purpose and meaning and builds healthy social networks