Where Words Fail Music Speaks
— Hans Christian Anderson

Living With Harmony OFFER:

  • Enjoyable group music sessions
  • Staff skills training in interactive music making
  • Partnership working to include placing therapeutic music making as part of your service



WHat is music therapy?

Find out about how music and care are art forms that compliment each other.

What are the benefits?

Find out how music therapy can help a wide variety of people and conditions.

Meta Killick and Alistair Clarkson’s capabilities as music therapists are beyond doubt.
— Patrick Hopkinson, Head of Adult Safeguarding

Music and Mandalas

You can simply listen to the music, or try out our music and mandalas mindfulness meditation: colouring a mandala pattern with music. You can print one off here, find your colouring materials and discover how focusing on colouring your mandala with music can help you clear your mind. We improvise music for the meditation  because music that you have no attachments to will help provide a cradle of consciousness for the practice with out bring up memories or associations.